Remi Garde’s side could not build on their previous result as they slumped to a 2-0 loss against the Gunners on Sunday. The match ended with Aston Villa at the bottom of the table with 6 point and Arsenal at the top of the table with 33 points in the Premier League.

First half goals from Giroud and Ramsey were enough to see off Villa as Arsene Wenger will be joyous with the results in the week. Here are the Player ratings for both teams for this game.

Aston Villa:

B Guzan (2.5):

Could hardly have done anything to stop either of the goals but was generally solid in front of the goal.

A Hutton (1.5):

A dreadful day for Hutton, as he sent Walcott down to give Arsenal the penalty and was also shaky for most of the game.

J Okore (2):

Was all over the place on the night as he was easily beaten by most Arsenal moves. Was nowhere to be seen for Arsenal’s second goal.

J Lescott (2.5):

The best defender for Villa on the night, Lescott was unlucky as his performance was over shadowed by the average defending from his team-mates.

I Gueye (2.5):

Started brightly but could not keep up with the pace of Arsenal’s passing as he was rendered helpless at the base of the mid-field.

C Sanchez (2):

Was at fault for Arsenal’s second goal and was also in-effective in providing cover for the back four.

L Bacuna (2.5):

Was impressive with his attacking display but was pecked down by the Arsenal wingers that reduced his effectiveness on the game.

S Sinclair (3):

The most impressive player in a Villa shirt, Sinclair started off in fine fashion troubling the Arsenal defense but faded away along with his team-mates.

J Vertout (2.5):

Was sloppy in possession at times and was largely in-effective but for a certain period in the second half.

R Gestede (2.5):

Did extremely well to use his height every chance he got but was largely in-effective due to the lack of service from his team mates.

J Ayew (2.5):

Hardly made any impact on the game in the first half but grew into the game in the second half.


C Gil (2.5)

J Grealish (2.5)

A Traore (2.5)


P Cech (3):

Hardly had anything to do in the game and was solid whenever he was called upon. Will be happy with his clean sheet.

N Monreal (2.5):

Struggled at times in the second half when Villa tried to come back into the game. Needed Gibbs to make his work easier on the flank.

P Mertesacker (3):

An impressive display at the back from the German as he hardly put a foot wrong and defended his box extremely well.

L Koscielny (3.5):

The most impressive defender for Arsenal, Koscielny was superb in reading the game and fully deserved the clean sheet.

H Bellerin (3):

Did really well to maintain a balance between attack and defense as he was a constant presence at both ends of the field.

M Ozil (3.5):

Another game, another assist for the German who looked un-playable at times in the middle. Gave Ramsey a selfless opportunity to score a goal in the first half.

M Flamini (3):

Sat deep and defended really well to give his back four some cover that helped his team mates to maraud forward.

A Ramsey (4):

Was full of energy in his favorite mid-field area and showed his zeal to score with a  great run to convert the ball from Ozil and give Arsenal a 2-0 lead.

O Giroud (3.5):

Troubled the Villa back line all night with his strength in the air. HE continued his goal scoring form as he converted from the penalty spot without any fuzz.

J Campbell (2.5):

Was the weakest player for Arsenal up front as he failed to create any chances and was also lethargic in possession.

T Walcott (3):

Was superb with his direct approach and won the penalty that was converted by Giroud. Was lacking defensive discipline in the second half and was replaced.


K Gibbs (3)

C Chambers (2.5)

A Oxlade-Chamberlain (3)


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