An Ukrainian footballer has been banned for using his phone during a friendly match. The opposition club has branded him a “clown” and “anti-football” for the act.

Third-tier side Energiya Nova Kakhova faced top-flight side Olimpik Donetsk in a recent preseason tournament. Volodymyr Kozlenko represented the third-tier side. 

However, during the match he was filmed repeatedly checking his phone while the match was in progress. The officials somehow failed to notice the situation and let the trend continue.

As per the official statement made by Olimpik Donetsk after the game, Kozlenko repeatedly pulled the phone from his shorts and got it out from time to time. He looked to have called someone and conversed.

Olimpik, who were left frustrated with the incident went on to criticise Kozlenko’s behaviour, referring to his questionable conduct as being “anti-football” and “clownery”.

The Kiev Region Football Federation have since announced that Kozlenko has been suspended for the rest of the tournament for his unprofessional act.

They have also banned the referee and his assistants for failing to discipline the player, as well as their own match delegate who was supposedly overseeing the game.

To add insult to injury, Kozlenko’s team Energiya Nova Kakhova lost Tuesday’s group-stage game 2-1 against Olimpik Donetsk. Was it a ‘Bad call’ by the club to hire such a player?

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