Bad News for Arsenal and Chelsea owners

Saurav Kapoor / 19 January 2016

The drop in the price of oil in Russia has resulted in a number of wealthy businessman losing hundreds of millions of pounds in just 10 days.

The price fall is bad news for Arsenal and Chelsea fans because their clubs are owned by Russian businessmen. Alisher Usmanov is Arsenal’s second biggest shareholder and Roman Abramovich is Chelsea’s owner.

The two are believed to have lost a combined total of more than £1billion since the start of this year. Abramovich, who is understood to be worth $6billion (£4.2billion), has personally lost around $820million (£575million), according to a report in the Telegraph. Usmanov, who has a one-third stake in Arsenal, has lost a bit more – $910million (£638million).

Although the two have endured similar losses this year, there is nothing common between them when it comes to managing clubs. You can see Roman Abramovich being actively involved in the running of Chelsea while Usmanov lets Arsene Wenger and the Board do their thing.


Roman Abramovich is nototrious for sacking managers who do not win him silverware, Usmanov doesn’t work like that. Even though Arsenal went through a severe trophy-drought, Usmanov still supports Wenger and says that “it is a gift to have a coach like Arsene Wenger”. Roman Abramovich has a slightly different ideology as he has already sacked 6 managers since taking over in 2003.

But, this policy of his has not been too bad for Chelsea who have have won four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, one Champions League title and one Europa League title since he has taken over. Usmanov hadn’t enjoyed too much success with Arsenal since taking over in 2007 as Arsenal have only won 2 FA CUPS in that time. But, things are now looking much better for Arsenal who are favourites to win this season’s Premier League title while Chelsea would do well to stay in the Premier League.

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