Lionel Messi could move away from Spain in the future because of the difficulties he has faced with the tax authorities according to Cadena Sport.

Spanish outlet Cadena Cope is reporting that the Argentine superstar is annoyed by what he sees as campaign him from the Spanish authorities, who constantly investigate the player for alleged tax frauds. In the latest development, Messi and his father will stand over another accusation of tax evasion from several years ago.

The bond that has connected Messi, who is injured, with Barcelona for the past 15 years has seemed unbreakable, and yet what if the picture elsewhere changed? What if Messi felt he could no longer live in Spain? The Premier League’s biggest beasts might see an opportunity, but there would be others who would benefit too.

Because of the constant accusations and the changing perception of the general public in regards to his image due to these recurring problems, Leo might be pondering a future move away from Spain, not to a competitive league, but to an easier one that allows him to end his career without the government pointing fingers at him every year.

Messi’s lawyers will have noticed a trend with key Catalan figures finding their own tax affairs under scrutiny, including the former regional president Jordi Pujol, the current Catalan regional president Artur Mas and former Barcelona mayor Javier Trias. Perhaps the standard of accountancy in the region is particularly poor, or perhaps someone is taking special interest as the region pushes for independence.

In Messi’s case, the Spanish prosecution service dropped the charges against the player and announced it would pursue just his father, Jorge, for his role, only for the state attorney to reverse that decision a few days later and insist both men stand trial for tax evasion.

It would be mischievous to point out that the official responsible for that decision, Marta Silva de Lapuerta, is the daughter of a former minister of public works under Franco and is herself a former Real Madrid board member.

Of course, amongst Spain’s political classes you do not have to scratch the surface much to find allegiances dating back to the old days but when it is Barcelona’s best player’s peace of mind at stake, and maybe even his liberty, then those connections are harder to dismiss.

Over at Barcelona the tension is understandable and last week, they issued a statement supporting Messi and denouncing the “accumulation of totally inadmissible and external decisions that have been going on for some time nad that have nothing to with strictly sporting affairs.”

This particular conversation has been brought up before, and we all know that it’s very unlikely that Messi leaves the club he’s played for since he was thirteen years old, because of pride and the love from his fans and peers. However, with these tax issues coming back time and time again, there might a slight chance that Leo considers leaving before he says goodbye to playing football.

Again, it’s highly unlikely, but there is a small chance that with five or seven more years of annoying tax stuff, we might see Messi playing in the MLS or for some team in Qatar

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