Barcelona president fears EPL clubs

Puja Pincha / 12 December 2015

In an interview with the Financial Times Bartomeu expressed his concerns regarding the hijacking of young Catalan footballers by Premier League clubs. Our rival is the Premier League. It is not a specific club, it is the strength of the Premier League itself” said the president further explaining how difficult it can be to keep players when money is the big factor and even though they try their best, they can’t win every time in front of the might of the Premier League. The 16-year-olds constantly receive offers from the Premier League that are very tempting. Every year there are some who go” the boss further added.

Enumerating that it is not their biggest rivals who he is apprehensive of (ouch!) but the English giants who enjoy an upper hand, yet he is fairly positive of their capabilities and chances in the face of British might.

“There are no other clubs in the world, whether in football or in other sports, that think ahead more than one or two seasons, but here at Barca we do. We want to be the first club to reach €1 billion in revenuesboomed the 52-year-old president.

We don’t want to sound even a wee bit discouraging but the man might be punching way above his weight as recent news have indicated a monetary plight that ails the mighty club and which has also led them to the brink of selling either of their superstars. Added to this are the Camp Nou extension plans! Thus its quite bold a statement by the president but as they say, if there is a will, there is away!

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