Bayern Munich Unveils Lewandowski and Rode

Editor Sportzwiki / 09 July 2014

Bayern Munich have officially unveiled their latest signings Robert Lewandowski who bided adieu at the Signal Iduna Stadium at Borussia Dortmund at the end of last season, is Bayern’s most crucial signing of the summer. Lewandowski, who signed a pre-contract with Bayern last November had his deal done in the in the 2013-14 winter transfer window for a period of five years which begins at the start of 2014-15 season.

Bayern also presented their new midfielder Sebastian Rode, who played for Eintracht Frankfurt in the last season. The 23 year old was given the number 20 jersey and expressed his confidence ahead of representing the Barvarian club. He said in the press conference that he is Very Versatile and don’t mind where he plays as long as he is on the pitch.

Lewandowski was given the Number 9 jersey and was very confident of winning more silverware while playing for the Two-Time Defending Bundesliga Champions. He also said that he is very flexible and has all the attributes what a footballer needs. He also added that he feels very good and had his batteries fully recharged in the off-season.

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