David Beckham is arguably the biggest footballing icon in the world but who knew that he is one cheeky bugger? The unique punishment that he awarded his son for staying up late is just proof of why people just can’t get enough of this Brit!

Recently, while on his worldwide tour for raising funds for Unicef by playing football on all the seven continents, the ex Manchester United star called home and on finding his son on the other line who had stayed awake to talk to his dad, Beckham belted out the harshest punishment for the little Arsenal fan; Becks asked Romeo to sing the Tottenham song otherwise he would tell his mum that he was up till late (ouch)! Though we never came to know what became of the punishment but the little man will surely be ready to extract his revenge when dear daddy returns.

Beckham’s footballing career might be over but his enigma is far from getting lost in the sands of time. And his undertakings in the past show how he has devoted his time for charitable causes. In a bid to raise money for Unicef, the father of four decided to use his strongest- football. “Football has given me everything. Now I want to give something back and I want to see how the power of football can unite people around the world” said the former Madrid superstar.

Thus visiting 11 countries in 10 days, Beckham played football from Nepal to Antarctica and touched hearts of the locals wherever he went. His entire journey has been documented by BBC and is titles ‘For the Love of the Game’ and is another feather in the cap of that remarkable Brit. A knighthood on the cards?

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