Two Premier League footballers including an England international are set to become the first ever top flight footballers to publicly come out as gay.

Gay footballers till now have sit back quietly about their sexual status fearing the backlash including humiliating taunts from the opposing supporters.

But this attitude is finally changing as two Premier League players have decided the time is perfect to come out and face the reality.

A source reveals: “The stigma has completely gone, and the public are far more accepting.

“At this level of football, being gay is almost the final frontier.

“It has always been such a macho game and, unfortunately, perhaps more than in any other sport, there can be an aggressive mob mentality in the stands.

“But finally the tide is turning and more and more sports people are openly gay.”

The two players – one of them an England international – have convinced family and friends, and reports claim have given a vote of confidence by their respective clubs along with the Football Association.

The two player’s names are yet to be known as they would be the first ever players to publicly reveal they are gay. Reports also are claiming the two brave lads are planning to go public at the end of this season.

In 2011, another renowned player came out in public. But unfortunately a homophobic word was then painted across his car. Now it is suggested he is reluctant to again come out publicly in fear of being the targeted for more humiliation.

Former Norwich and Nottingham Forest striker Justin Fashanu in 1990 became Britain’s first gay footballer who publicly revealed that he was gay but was sadly subjected to malicious jibes and abuse from fellow footballers and shocking humiliation from supporters. Tragically 37-year-old Fashanu hanged himself in 1998 after he was accused of sexual assault.

Since then no male footballer has gone public while still playing in England.

Former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger unexpectedly retired before his scheduled 2014 announcement also publicly admitted that he is gay after bidding good bye.

But if you see other sports, gay stars have been blazing a remarkable trail including famous British diver Tom Daley. 

Keegan Hirst made history in August this year as he became the first ever British professional rugby league player to come out and admit he is gay which inspired another gay rugby union star Gareth Thomas to publicly announce his sexual status in 2009.

When reporters asked, a FA spokesman was reluctant to comment on those two Premier League footballers. Some are saying, footballers may even become more popular when they come out with the shocking truth and h that could hugely increase their earning.

Famous celebrity agent Simon Jones has said: “Profile-wise there are no negatives to coming out in 2015. The world is literally their oyster.”


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