BREAKING: Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid, claims his biography writer

Agnibha Ghosh / 31 October 2015


The honeymoon over folks,Christiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid,with PSG being his likely destination,if the words of one of the most reliable,respect journalists of Spanish football, Guillem Balague are to be believed.Balague has written Christiano Ronaldo’s biography also,his relation with Ronaldo’s reps and agents is known to everybody.Balague claims Ronaldo is planning to leave Real Madrid.

Balague has told Talksport today : “Next he’s leaving Real Madrid. The strategy is in place from his people to leave this summer, if the money is there and Paris Saint-Germain are willing to pay it and Real Madrid feel it is the right time to let him go.’’

On his possibility to return to Manchester United,Balague says: “He idolises Manchester United. The fans, the atmosphere and the club, but the club is in a different place now.

“But why would they spend €125million, plus playing him 20-odd million per year, why would they do that at this stage?’’

Guillem Balague says,if CR7 leaves Real,PSG is the most likely destination

He further said: “PSG are willing to pay for him, he is happy to move on when he feels the time is right, but remember what happened at Manchester United, where he wanted to leave a year before he actually did, so if it’s  not this summer it’ll be next summer.”

Balague claims the Real President would only let Ronaldo go,only if Bale proves he can be the main man in his absence.



Quite clearly a lot will depend on Gareth Bale. Florentino Perez realises now is the time to sell, but will Bale be strong enough to take on the responsibility of being the leader of Real Madrid?

“Yes, he’s had important games but he’s missed 20 per cent of Real’s games through injury, so can he did it consistently enough?

“I think he can, I think he’s prepared. I’ve watched Wales play and in Bale I see a guy who is powerful, who can attack on his own and is a leader.’’ Said Balague.

“Bale’s people went to Florentino and told him, ‘unless you give him a central role, we’re going to Manchester United’.

“The promise from the club was that he would get that central role, and the briefing to Rafa Benitez was, ‘I know you’re the coach, but we’ve got a guy here that needs more responsibility.”

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