Brendan Rodgers concedes defeat in Sterling’s contract saga, Chelsea ready to take advantage

shashi / 16 March 2015

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has admitted to the fact that he has little control over Raheem Sterling’s decision to leave or stay at Liverpool next season. In a shocking statement Rodgers revealed how he sees the Sterling’s contract saga going out of his hands.

Liverpool fans and manager have grown frustrated with Sterling’s decision to keep stalling in signing the new deal at Anfield. As per the reports, the young sensation has been already offered an incredible £100,000-a-week deal by the club but Sterling’s representatives are seeking a deal worth £150,000-a-week.

All of the problems for the reds started when Sterling hired a new team of agents to look out for his future contracts. Since the new agents have taken over, Liverpool’s chances of signing the player on long-term basis has been deteriorating by every passing week. Liverpool and Rodgers have previously claimed that the club will not be held hostage to Sterling’s demands and they are open to idea of him joining either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

Other than these two giants, Chelsea were the surprise club linked with a move for Raheem Sterling earlier this month.

Rodgers claimed in his statement by saying that since the new representatives have taken over the negotiations chances of Sterling staying at Liverpool have dipped significantly.

Rodgers said: ‘If a player or their representative decides that the player needs to move, it’s normally what happens.’

Currently Sterling is playing at a reasonable level which will attract the big names around the Europe for his signature. Real Madrid have widely tipped him as the long-term replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Similarly Bayern Munich want Sterling to be a replacement for Frank Ribery or Arjen Robben.

Sterling has big offers at his disposal including a chance to stay at Liverpool and build a legacy for the Anfield club. It all could come down to Liverpool’s league finish at the end of the season. If Liverpool qualify for the Champions League, Sterling will stay but if the reds fail to chive that I can see him join bigger force of European Football.

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