Brendan Rodgers met Jurgen Klopp?

Gautam Sudev / 03 February 2016

The former Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers revealed that he invited Jurgen Klopp to his home when the club announced Klopp would succeed him at the Anfield. Brendan Rodgers stepped down as the Liverpool coach after a very dismal start to the new season which saw them winning only three times in eight games. The German who was earlier employed with German outfit Borussia Dortmund, and was appointed as the new manager of Reds within a day.

However, the Scott has spoken of his friendly meeting with the German regarding the role as a Liverpool coach.

Rodgers also mentioned how friendly and good Klopp is.

“I remember when Klopp first got the job and we sat down and we spoke. We sat and had a chat at my house,” Rodgers spoke to beIN Sport “He is a good guy. Whatever help he needed going into the job, I was there for that.

They exchanged thoughts about the Liverpool players with a special weightage given for the Belgian Christian Benteke, who only joined three months prior to the sacking of Brendan Rodgers.

“We felt at that time that Christian was up there in terms of goals to games. We felt that he was someone that we did not have in the squad.” He added.

They also shared how the virtue of patience is and important aspect in football, and used Bayer Munich player Robert Lewandowski as an example, who thrived into stardom during his stint at Borussia Dortmund while Klopp was in the managerial spot.

“The problem now is the patience element. There does not seem to be time. We talk about patience. An example is Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich and he would not have got the patience in the Premier League that he did in the Bundesliga and now look at him. Similarly Christian over time will show he is a top class player.”

Liverpool were 10th in the Premier League table when Rodgers left and are currently in 8th position.

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