Brendan Rodgers warns Roy Hodgson over Daniel Sturridge

shashi / 30 September 2015

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has advised caution over Daniel Sturridge’s handling ahead of club’s Europa League clash against Sion. Rodgers has suggested that Sturridge will not be involved in the Europa League clash and has asked Roy Hodgon and The FA to handle Sturridge with caution during England’s Euro 2016 qualification games.

England are scheduled to Estonia and Lithuania next month which worries Rodgers as he thinks that the striker is not fit enough to play 2 matches in 4 days. Rodgers has Hodsgon have not enjoyed the best of relationship over the years, especially after the Raheem Sterling fiasco last summer where the player claimed to be tired after an elongated summer.

Rodgers suggested that The FA know what is best for Sturridge and will take wise call. During his press conference, Rodgers said: “The guys with England are intelligent enough and will understand and I am sure at some point we will have a conversation before they meet up.

“I don’t necessarily speak so much with the international managers. When players go away I let them deal with it. They are highly-qualified professionals who work at that level.

“In Daniel’s case it is probably worth me noting to the FA where he is at in this period of his fitness.

“He is a player who is coming back (from injury) and Roy and his staff are intelligent enough to see that and I am sure him being in the squad will be managed accordingly.”

It remains to be seen how fit Sturridge really is as he begins his slow journey towards recovery.

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