For all the people who came to read this article thinking it is too early for such a title talk, please read on and find out why a Liverpool supporter is justified dreaming big.

After a disappointing 2014-15 season, Liverpool gave Brendan Rodgers another chance at glory as he continued as the manager of the club at the start of the current season. He was given the green light to spend big in the transfer market and was expected to take Liverpool to the heights they reached in the 2013-14 season or even better.

The summer transfer window saw a number of big names signings in Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino, Nathaniel Clyne, James Milner and Danny Ings to name a few. Insane amounts were spent by the club in order to compete at all the levels this season. But the Northern Irish manager was not able to take the team in the right direction, at least, that is what the owners of the club thought when he was asked to leave the club just after 8 games into the season.

FSG gave Brendan Rodgers just two months in the new season before sacking him and it was understandable as the club never looked like progressing under the manager. In the 8 Premier League matches, Liverpool won just thrice and drew thrice. The performance at the Goodison Park where the visitors failed to stamp their authority was the final nail in the coffin for the manager as he was then relieved of his duties at the helm of the Red of Merseyside.

Soon after he was sacked, rumours started that the ex-Borussia Dortmund manager who was on a leave from managerial duties was the man that FSG were scouting for. This quickly turned out to be true as the German was given the opportunity with a 4-year contract on the table. Many fans and pundits felt that the match between the Kop and Klopp was made in heaven and that the charismatic manager will get glory days back to Anfield.

However, it was never going to be easy for a manager to take a mediocre looking team to the top of the table and that too without his choice of players. Keeping this in mind, the performances of the club under the new manager have ignited a lot of positivity at Anfield. Most fans feel that the team is now looking stronger and that the complacency that set in under the previous manager is slowly vanishing.

But the real question is whether these praises on Klopp are justified. The answer cannot be a definitive yes or no as it is too early in the season to draw conclusions. But a thorough checking of the stats between the two managers in their 8 match Premier League career this season shows an eerie similarity.


Jurgen Klopp has surely brtough more energy into the game but does not really have the numbers to show for it. Rodgers in his first 8 matches before being sacked lost three and drew three games in the Premier League. The team scored 8 goals under Rodgers and conceded 10. Klopp’s Liverpool have also won just 3 games and drew another three in the 8 Premier League matches so far. They scored 12 goals and conceded 9 in this period. This stat shows that Liverpool have not improved drastically at either end of the pitch.

Then how are Liverpool title contenders this season? We need not go far from the Premier League table to understand why the Reds have a real chance to push the title race till the end. Chelsea are practically out of the equation while Manchester United have their own set of problems which do not seem to go away. Leicester City are real outsiders to lift the trophy as it will be hard for them to keep up with the pace of the Premier League schedule.

The only other contenders are Arsenal and Manchester City who have also looked vulnerable at times. So Liverpool’s supporters are allowed to dream big this season, after all what are the supporters for?

To add more weight to the title talk, Liverpool have beaten top clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea away from home and have played some scintillating football at times. They have largely improved their mind set in big games and this can be a factor that might help them go the distance this season. The squad does not lack quality and it might just be a matter of time before the team goes on a winning run which will surely be hard to stop.

Jurgen Klopp will surely calm the title talks down as it will only put more pressure on him and his side. He will take time to get adjusted to the English way of living and playing and will surely make the team better as the season progresses. It will be hard for opposition fans to deny that they are at least a bit scared to face the German’s brigade as Liverpool are already snatching back their identity.

Given time and a transfer window in January, Klopp can seriously do amazing things with this side and it will not be beyond the 48-year-old to take Liverpool to the top of the table, where the club belongs. We can only speculate so much and will have to wait till the end of the season to know the effect of Klopp on the Premier League.

Please leave your say on whether Klopp can put an end to the trophy drought that the Reds are currently cursed from.



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