Carragher reveals who could be the next Man United manager

Manasi Pathak / 16 December 2015

The English giants have been facing a downfall eversince their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson walked away from the managerial position. The squad struggled under the reign of David Moyes and eventually the former Everton gaffer had to make his way out of the club within a year. David Moyes wasn’t the perfect one to replace the godly Sir Alex. However, it is nearly impossible to find someone of the same caliber and standard as that of Sir Alex Ferguson to replace the man himself. After Moyes’ exit, Ryan Giggs took over as the interim manager and was loved by the fans. The next season, Manchester United appointed Dutchman Louis van Gaal to rule over the Red Devils. LvG had gained fame for his smart substitution in the game for Holland which fruited results for them. The expectations from LvG were high as the manager was renowned for his philosophy.

However, this philosophy didn’t work at Old Trafford as the team is seen struggling, again. Disappointing and awful display of boring football are the words commonly used to describe the game of Manchester United, these days. No display of attacking football whatsoever, has degraded the standards of the mighty Manchester team. The Dutchman is making player play out of position and this has destroyed their gameplay, massively. It is clearly seen that LvG believes in playing for draws and basically playing defensively, which is not what United are famous for. In this time of trouble, a lot of fans have lost their faith in the current manager and want him to head out of the club.

The most favourite men to take over the manager’s position at Old Trafford are Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti, at the moment. Jamie Carragher believes that Manchester United will be considering making a move for Pep Guardiola if the Red Devils’ form does not improve under Louis van Gaal in the second half of the season.

Speaking on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, Carragher said: “The fans are bored, they’re letting you know that.

“The worst thing is that it looks like the players look bored [too].

“I think this next few months after Christmas are massively important for Louis van Gaal and his Manchester United ‘project’ or whatever you want to call it.

“If it doesn’t improve and there’s that discontent from the supporters, I’m sure Manchester United – along with City – will maybe look at that Pep Guardiola situation because they’re probably thinking that they can’t let one of their biggest rivals get one of the top managers in world football.”

Manchester United failed to qualify to the round of 16 in the Champions League and have been dropped down to the Europa league. The team will face Denmark side Midjytlland in the Europa, later this season.