Chelsea owner reveals his favorite candidate to replace Jose Mourinho: Bild

shashi / 21 October 2015

Chelsea have struggled under Jose Mourinho this season and the time does not look far away where the Special One becomes the Axed One at Stamford Bridge. Many names have popped up since Mourinho’s sack-me rant, however, Roman Abramovic wants Pep Guardiola to take over at Chelsea when Mourinho’s time is over.

The news has been followed closely by the leading German publication Bild, who have previously reported Guardiola becoming the next Manchester City manager. According to Bild, Guardiola will not renew his current contract at Bayern Munich and will walk away at the end of this season.

That has put many teams on alert including Chelsea, who are having a tough time under Mourinho, however, the only catch to all of this is the 37million compensation which they will have to pay their manager if he is fired. Perhaps, that is why Mourinho is having a wild go at his players in the media as he knows that the club are not in a position to fire him due to financial constraints and even if they do, he will end up bagging a huge sum.

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