Jose Mourinho was left outraged, wanting for more and in a very bad shape when Chelsea left Kind Power stadium last night after suffering a 2-1 defeat. Blues slumped to their ninth defeat of the season in only 16 league games. Blues boss was rather unkind on his players, whom he labelled as a group of people who betrayed him.

According to Mourinho, his players were able to win the league title only because of him. The Special One reckons that it took his 12 months to elevate the level of his players as they were not good enough to win the league title without him. Cut to 2015-16 season, he sees his team struggling in top 5 of the table while the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United way ahead of Chelsea.

Adding on to his comments, he even said that all of the effort has been wasted by his players this season as they linger near the relegation battle. Mourinho said: “I accept we are in the relegation zone, but I don’t accept we are in a relegation battle. You look at the table and we are there, but you think you are in a relegation battle if you think you are there for three or four months. I don’t think that.”

Over the years, Mourinho has had a habit of saying things to deviate attention from his players to himself, however this time around, one gets the feeling that he is speaking the facts and he is preparing himself for the worse case. In recent times, he has started to criticize his players in public, be it Terry, Hazard or even Diego Costa. In a way, Mourinho knows that the time is nearing for him and he wants to lay the blame on players before he leaves Stamford Bridge for good.

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