Chelsea have been uncharacteristically frugal in the recent transfer windows, inly staying within their means and trying to stay well inside the Financial Fair Play rules while they try to dominate the domestic as well as the European scene but one player, namely Radamel Falcao, will not prove to be a signing on those value for money lines if the club wishes to keep him post the summer window point as he supposedly has a 38.3 million sterling buy clause inserted into the contract which will make him the most expensive signing for Chelsea since Torres.

Considering that Chelsea have experienced the immense disappointment of watching the striker fluff shots from all over the box beforehand, unlike the other major flopped striker who preceded him, it can be safely assumed that Chelsea will just ask Monaco to look elsewhere if they wanted to offload the player who once brought them back into the Ligue 1 and almost secured an unlikely title the next season.

The player is currently out with a ‘major’ muscle injury which he suffered while he was training just as he returned from a knee problem. The recurring injuries and atrocious form have consigned the striker to only one start for Chelsea, in the Capital One Cup against Walsall, where he skewed shots all over the place.


With Remy leaving this month and Falcao definitely not staying further than the summer, along with a possible Costa exit, we might see a completely refurbished Chelsea front line next season which might feature Pato if he lives up to the expectations in the coming six months at West London and helps in salvaging the disastrous season for the fallen Champions.


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