Chelsea and their London rivals Tottenham could share the Wembley stadium for the 2017-18 season after Spurs reportedly matched Chelsea’s bid for temporary occupation of the stadium.

Current Premier League Champions Chelsea had hoped that they would be allowed exclusive use of the stadium for four seasons as Stamford Bridge would be closed for redevelopment but it now appears that they may have to share it for 1 season.

Chelsea are understood to have bid £15million a year for four years to the Football Association (FA) so that they could play at Wembley but now The Telegraph claim that Spurs have matched the £15million a year bid and are confident that the FA will grant them the permission to share Wembley with Chelsea for 1 season.


The FA could net £75million from the deal; £60million from Chelsea over four years and £15million from Tottenham.

Construction work for the renovation of the Stamford Bridge will start in 2017 and work is expected to be completed 3 years after that. However, Chelsea want to secure Wembley for four seasons in case there are any delays in getting Stamford Bridge ready for the 2020-2021 campaign.

White Hart Lane at present has a capacity of close to 36000 and Tottenham Hotspurs are hopeful of completing their new 61,000-seater stadium in time for them to move in at the start of the 2018-19 campaign.

The FA have a huge debt that they have to pay off and they would be reluctant to turn down bids from either club. It will be interesting to see how this saga unfolds.


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