It has been quite a last few weeks of animosity between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and popular sports TV network Sky Sports. Mourinho believes that Sky Sports presenters Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp and Graham Souness have an agenda against his club.

Mourinho has had number of heated on TV debates with Jamie Redknapp. Recently it was Carragher who lashed in to Chelsea players surrounding the referee during their PSG clash which resulted in Zlatan Ibrahimovic getting sent off.

Following Carragher’s claims, Mourinho was asked to comment on the situation but Mourinho in his rather mystical way replied that he is surprised with Carragher of all people coming up with such a claim.

Mourinho took a dig at the former Liverpool defender and said that, it seems like it has been many years since Carragher quit the game as he cannot remember his own playing days and he was no saint either.

Following Mourinho’s heated remarks, Chelsea’s official Instagram jumped in to justify their manager’s claims. Chelsea posted an old picture of Jamie Carragher and Graham Souness hauling the ref in their playing days.

This pic was a clear message from Chelsea’s hierarchy reminding Jamie Carragher and Graham Souness that no matter who the player or what the era we witnessed the game but if there was an opportunity to gain an advantage during a game every player has done that in their career so there is no point sitting in their studios and act like saints.

See the image Chelsea posted on their Instagram account mocking Carragher and Souness

 Image Credits: Instagram

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