Chelsea welcomed Manchester United in a match that pit one of the best attacks against one of the best defences by form and managed a draw that felt more like a couple of points dropped than a point gained. In a show of dominance from Chelsea in the second half, the players managed an incredible comeback via Diego Costa against a tepid Manchester United defence who were just able to not concede another and actually go home empty handed.


Thibaut Courtois: 4.5

The Belgian was peppered with shots in the opening periods of both the halves and was as dominant as he possibly could be. He thwarted Martial and Lingard with stupendous saves and managed to provide real solidity at the back with his urgency.

Cesar Azpilicueta: 4

As usual, owned his flank and didn’t allow Lingard a single chance at goal from the right flank until he scored the actual impressive volley. Played centre-half in the closing minutes and managed to stave off Rooney with impressive block-ins.

John Terry: 4

The figure of solidity in Chelsea’s backline, there was not a single misplaced touch or a defensive error from the Blues’ captain tonight in a highly dominant performance.

Kurt Zouma: 4

Managed to win any aerial duel presented to him and continuously kept Fellaini at bay. Was unlucky to have been injured the way that he did.

Branislav Ivanovic: 3

Decent performance overall but was the man to blame for United’s only goal for the night. He really needs to get closer to opposing ball-crossers. A venomous volley was thwarted by David De Gea.

Nemanja Matic: 3

He was the only Chelsea player strong enough to hold of the dirty pressing from Manchester United. Did manage a couple of dribbles but Oscar or poor passing always let him down.

John Obi Mikel: 3

Turned over a new leaf as soon as Matic was substituted as he was simply dominant in defence as well as the build-up play. Needs to build a better partnership with Matic if Chelsea are to win more games this season.

Oscar: 2

An absolutely disappointing performance from Oscar which was the only reason why Chelsea were not able to string passes at all in the opposing half. Did manage to help out defensively but was generally poor all round.

Cesc Fabregas: 3.5

He really needs to be played in a deeper role a la Mourinho as he can simply dominate the opposing midfield and defence with his impressive vision and passing. Managed to skin United repeatedly once, he was dropped deeper.

Willian: 2.5

Another Brazilian with a night to forget as the usually impressive player witnessed a drop in his pass completion and free kick skills in the second half. In the first half, he was virtually unplayable, though, as he simply left the opposing left back in his wake multiple times to great effect.

Diego Costa: 3.5

A subdued but a great performance from the centre forward who managed to deliver when it mattered. He could’ve won the match for Chelsea had it not been for a relatively poor shot from the Spaniard.

Eden Hazard: 4

The best performance of the season from the Belgian who was effectively a second striker in the Chelsea set-up. He did have communication issues with the actual number nine but managed to be a thorn in the side for Manchester United all along his cameo.

Gary Cahill: 2.5

Utterly mediocre from the Englishman who was ball watching all the time in the conceded goal. He will be the liability in Chelsea defence combined with Ivanovic if he continues to rely on Terry and co to bail him out.

Pedro: 2

Was probably the best dribbler on the pitch but managed to contribute absolutely nothing to team. Misplaced passes, bad touches and impressively poor crosses were the norms from the Spaniard.


Manchester United:

De Gea: 4.5

Impressive outing from the Spaniard who managed to thwart Chelsea multiple times. A tied man-of-the-match with Thibaut Courtois in a highly entertaining game.

Borthwick-Jackson: 3

Decent outing from the youngster who managed a 50-50 performance. He outdid his opponent once but was outdid in return just the next move and hence will qualify for an average rating. The rating was rescued by his great crosses, one of which was behind the United goal.

Blind: 3

Decent play from the Dutchman who was exposed for his fragility often by Diego Costa. Still managed to keep him quiet until the injury time.

Smalling: 3.5

If Smalling had not committed a couple of silly fouls, he would’ve been the best defender on the pitch, but he did show his immaturity and was lucky to not have been reprimanded further by the referee.

Darmian: 3

Did a great job on Oscar but was skinned by Eden Hazard. Needed to be given support in that quest but Fellaini was not very keen to provide that, neither was Lingard.

Fellaini: 2

Not really effective at all as he seemed lost on the pitch and his poor pace and acceleration didn’t really help him either. Did manage to occasionally make a nuisance while attacking aerial balls but that is not what is expected from a player of that role.

Carrick: 3

Managed to recycle possession really well as he was played in the deeper role he prefers. Was beaten for pace often in the second half as Chelsea looked to turn on the style.

Martial: 2.5

A decent performance as Martial looked to threaten in the first 20 minutes. Post that, Ivanovic simply shut him down and was the weakest like in United’s attack.

Mata: 3

A good performance from the diminutive Spaniard who was a constant danger and almost managed to light the pitch on fire with a simply stunning pass which Rooney made a real hash of.

Lingard: 3.5

Opened the scoring with a brilliant goal, he was adamant to score more as he had many more wild swings on the ball post the goal, to not such brilliant effects. Always neat in possession and decent in passing. Needed to help out Darmian more in the later staged as Hazard and Azpi steamrolled the wing.

Rooney: 2.5

Nothing went for Rooney tonight as can be seen from his mishit bicycle kick. In all fairness, Terry was in inspired form and didn’t give him an inch to work with. Managed to make a hash out of his usually great diagonals over the wings too. A night to forget for the Englishman.

Schneiderlin: 3

Did his job well as he came on to strengthen the defence. Managed to get himself bypassed too easily on the Chelsea goal but that is real nit-picking in a decent performance.

Depay: 2

Came on for the final few minutes and even in the limited time, managed to make himself more unpopular amongst the Red fans as well as the players. Really needs to have a rethink about his future.

Herrera: N/A

Not enough time on the pitch to provide a rating.

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