Guus Hiddink has spoken out ahead of the FA Cup tie against the lower league opponents, Scunthorpe United. He has voiced concern over injuries to Remy, Falcao and most importantly Eden Hazard while mentioning a surprise lineup inclusion could be a distinct possibility as he looks to give a chance to the youth in the cup tie. The loss of Hazard would be a big one especially as he will definitely miss the match against West Brom over midweek and will need enhanced treatment over the next week or so to prevent recurrences.

“Rémy is on the pitch but not with the team, he is in rehab. We have to be very cautious about our strikers. That’s [only] Diego at the moment. Not having Rémy or Falcao is worrying.”

“We are still worried about his fitness situation but let’s give him a bit of time and see what happens. First of all there are good strikers in this league and abroad but now is the time of speculation, who is going to go where. We are not going into speculation and naming anyone.”

“Hazard will not make midweek [v West Brom]. We must be careful because a player must not fall again after twice being injured in a physical trap. This time we must take a little bit more time.”


“He was fit to play but he got an unfortunate slip in the Crystal Palace game. We must be careful to maybe [bring him back] one game or half a game later than one or half a game too early.”

“I have had more time also to see and analyse the potential of the young players around 18, 19, and maybe, hopefully, there could be a surprise.”

A fairly standard concoction from the Dutch tactician who looks to steer the Blue ship back on course over the remainder of the season.

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