1. Peter Cech 3/5

Cech was preferred over Courtois in the Blues goal today and had very little action on a comfortable fixture

26. John Terry 4.5/5

Terry showed brilliant display today and led the Blues as a perfect skipper. He scored the opening goal from a close, after Tottenham defence couldn’t clear Willian’s free kick properly.

5. K. Zouma 3/5

He was played in the midfield due to suspension of Matic. Zouma played confidently and managed to keep Erkisen in control.

24. G. Cahill 4/5

Strongly held the Blues defence with Terry and didn’t do much mistakes. Could have scored in the first half but his header was saved by Lloris.

28 Azpilicueta 3.5/5

Azpilicueta again showed a strong and confident display though ended the came with a bandage on head after he clashed with Kane.

7. Ramires 3/5

Was very helpful for the Blues today and showed a very effective display.

10. E. Hazard 3.5/5

The Belgian was lethal as always and provided a lot of confident to the side. He reached close for scoring but his shot just went inches away.

22. Willian 4/5

Willian showed some superb display today, played in superb cross to create a chance for Hazard. The Brazilian’s free kick set up the first goal which Terry scored.

4. Cesc Fabregas 3.5/5

Cesc contributed a little in the first half, but kept Lloris on the toe after the break and set up Chelsea’s second goal after giving a fine pass to Costa.

19. Diego Costa 4/5

Costa wasn’t in his full form today and wasn’t sharp as always. But he was instrumental for Blues second goal, as it was his shot that got deflect by Walker and defeated Lloris in goal.


23. J. Cuadrado 2/5

Came on the field with just 15 minutes left and except a booking didn’t contribute much.

Tottenham Hotspur

1. H. Lloris 2.5/5

Led the side as a skipper in his first League Cup match of the season. Made some crucial save after stopping Cahill to score in the first half and again stretched to deny Cesc Fabregas.

5. J. Vertonghen 2/5

Made some crucial blocks today but didn’t show his best today.

2. K. Walker 2.5/5

Walker showed good display in today’s match and almost marked Hazard brilliantly. But he was unlucky as Costa’s shot got deflected from him and went into the goal.

15. E. Dier 2/5

Wasn’t up to the mark today, got booked in the first half after he fouled Costa in 30th minute and could have got booked the second time before the break.

38. R. Mason 2.5/5

Showed good exhibition in the field today and controlled the ball brilliantly. He was replaced in the 70th minute by Lamela.

3. D. Rose 2/5

Was shaky sometimes in the defence and almost gave a golden opportunity to the Blues after he gave a foul on E. Hazard.

23. C. Eriksen 2.5/5

Eriksen could have given Spurs the lead in the 9th minute but his free-kick got deflected back from the crossbar.

22. N. Chadli 2/5

Showed a disappointing performance today, was beaten by Ivanovic and gave away a stupid foul which helped the Blues to take the lead.

17. A. Townsend 2/5

Didn’t provide much today, poor ball control and didn’t create much trouble in the Blues’s defence. He was replaced in 60th minute by Dembele.

42. N. Bentaleb 2.5/5

Showed a decent performance today against Blues and tried to push in the attack for Spurs.

18. H. Kane 2.5/5

Energetic as usual but had difficulty to beat Terry and Cahill, couldn’t create much chances.


11. E. Lamela 2/5

He came in the 70th minute as Tottenham tried to get back in the game but couldn’t produce much.

19. M. Dembele 2/5

Had a little impact in the game even though he replaced Towsend in the 60th minute.


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