Chelsea has warned their fans that they will take the strongest possible action against any groups or individuals using anti-Semitic abuse at Spurs fans during Capital One Cup final at Wembley on March 1, 2015. 

After the incident that took place in Paris Metro where few Chelsea supporters stopped a black man from boarding the train and chanted “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”, the club is doing all it can to bring back the fame and respect that is lost with the incident.

Recently seven men who were alleged in Paris incident last week have come forward and Chelsea have already barred five fans from attending Stamford Bridge following the incident on the Metro. With the incident still in club’s management mind they called for a calm behaviour during the league cup final.

A statement was posted in the club’s official website which is headlined as “Keeping support positive for the final”. It read as, “We would like to remind supporters of their responsibilities on the day. For a small minority, this game has historically brought a deeply unpleasant and unwanted level of anti-Semitic abuse, which has no place in football or anywhere in society.

“As such, we urge everyone to keep their support positive. Opposition supporters using terms as a form of identity is no excuse for abusive chanting or behaviour. The club asks that all supporters realise such actions cause huge offence to those around them.

“If we receive evidence that supporters have engaged in anti-Semitic or any other form of discriminatory chanting or behaviour, we will take the strongest possible action, including supporting criminal prosecution. Recent events in Paris have seen Chelsea fans united in their contempt for a mindless few. 

“Chelsea is proud of the diversity within our club and our vision embraces equality regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability or religion. We all share the common cause of supporting our team.” 

Chelsea have also provided numbers and email addresses to call or text if any fan finds people discussing about discriminatory actions and chantings.

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