Mexican ace Chicharito Hernandez’s exit from Old Trafford was heartbreaking for the fans. His form was degrading and the super sub wasn’t being able to contribute goals to the squad. For such several reasons, he was sold on a permanent deal to Bayer 04 Leverkusen. However, Chicha has now stated that he never wished to exit the English club but he had to do so after the gaffer, Louis van Gaal claimed that the striker had just one percent chance of playing. LvG had said that Hernandez wasn’t a part of his philosophy and was hence shown the door. However, his philosophy isn’t making wonders for United, either. The team lacks attacking skills and often ends up with unsatisfactory results. To add on to the misery, the English giants have been injury hit as well as the key players have been sidelined with long and short term injuries. In such a time, the absence of Chicharito is massively felt and makes the fans question LvG’s decision of selling him.

Speaking in an interview, Javier says,

“I didn’t have the intention to leave but I wanted to more playing time. Van Gaal told me that he already had his strikers, that I would have to fight for a place but could take an offer if an opportunity arrives,” Hernandez told Spanish TV Show Fiebre Maldini.

“The board told me that I could go on loan to Real Madrid and it was not a difficult decision for me.

“Then I returned to Manchester. I started to have opportunities but one day I spoke with Van Gaal and I had only a one percent chance of playing so I needed to make magic. So I moved to Bayer.’’

“I have been confident since the first day and I feel important here, not only for the goals but in all the games that I watch, I see myself in the line-up.”

At Bayer Leverkusen, the Mexican has been top notch. His goal galore has added fame to his name and the striker was recently named as the Bundesliga Idol by the fans. The little pea is enjoying his time in Germany and his decision of moving out of England has already fruited results.

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