Arsenal are being heavily criticized by their own fans for not spending big money to bring in impact signings this summer. Manager Arsene Wenger is under huge pressure to make a big signing in the next few days.

However, once upon a time, Arsenal actually used to spend big to sign quality players from across Europe and have always attracted criticism from Football Association (FA) for their free spending, according to which explained the following incident.

In 1928, Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman signed star striker David jack for a record £10,890 which raised eyebrows across the country considering the transfer amount involved.

The striker had scored the first ever goal at Wembley when his side Bolton beat West Ham to win 1923 FA final and was one of the most sought out players in the country.

Sir Charles Clegg who was the head of FA during that time believed that no player was worth more than £10,000 when Arsenal signed the striker for the record fee after Bolton asked for a massive £13,000 initially to let the player leave which is double the previous British record transfer which involved Bob Kelly from Burnley to Sunderland.

However, Manager Chapman played a trick to pull off the signing according to club secretary Bob Wall when he invited a Bolton delegation to London for drinks.

Bob who was 16 at that time accompanied Chapman to the meeting and Chapman has ordered the barman to give his guests whatever they wanted as long as they were double measures.

Chapman had explained that he was drinking gin and tonic and his young assistant Wall was on the whiskey and ginger.

Many rounds later, Bolton team were feeling Merry and a very sober Chapman has managed to haggle the price as he got the player for a much lesser amount than £13,000.

David Jack who was 29 by the time Arsenal have signed him was thought to be past his best but the player had finished as the top scorer next season and went on to win FA Cup with Arsenal in 1930 making him the first player to win FA Cup with two different clubs at Wembley.

The Gooners attack is truly fearsome as it is considered as one of the greatest attacking line-up in the history of European football with the likes of Joe Hulme, Alex James, Jack Lambert and Cliff Bastin played alongside David Jack.

“David was one of the finest inside-rights I ever saw,” Cliff Bastin explains.

“An amazing natural body swerve and a terrific shot made him a terror to defences,” he added.

David Jack had not only won FA Cup in 1930 with Arsenal but he also won three league titles and scored 124 times in 208 matches before retiring in 1934 making him one of the greatest players ever to play for the club.

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