Defour sent off after reacting to the severed head banner

Karthik Raman / 27 January 2015

Anderlecht’s Steven Defour was sent off on his return to his former club in the weekend after reacting angrily to a shocking banner unveiled in the crowd by Standard Liege fans.

Defour spent five years with Standard Liege before signing for then Portuguese champions Porto in 2011. He joined Anderlecht in the summer for a fee of 6m euros.

On Sunday, when Anderlecht faced Standard Leige, the banner which appeared to reference the fictional character Jason Voorhees from horror film ‘Friday The 13th’ was unveiled before kick-off, as fans targeted their former captain.

The banner showed a man with a sword in one hand and a severed head of Defour in the other hand, had the slogan ‘Red or Dead’.

Defour saw every one of his touches booed and whistled by the majority of the Standard fans at the Stade Maurice Dufrasne on Sunday night.

The situation finally got the better of the player as the Belgian kicked the ball onto the home supporters. Defour who already was on a yellow card, was shown another early in the second half.

Anderlecht who were 0-0 up until that point went on to lose 2-0 in the end to rub salt into the wound of the player.

The owners of the banners could face severe penalties if they are found. According to BBC, a ministry spokeswoman said “We’re working with police to catch as many of the authors of this banner as possible. Individuals face fines of up to 5,000 euros as well as the lengthy stadium ban.”

Defour who represent Belgium in the World Cup, later apologised for his sending off by posting a message on social media, saying: “Apologies to my fans and team-mates at Anderlecht, although I do not understand the red card – you cannot see or hear the referee.”

Image courtesy of ESPN and BBC

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