Depay Mania – 5 things you must know about Memphis Depay including his anger management issues

shashi / 07 May 2015

Memphis Depay is the most discussed name in the planet at this very moment, after it was announced that Manchester United have won the race to sign the deadly forward from PSV this summer.

Manchester United have left Liverpool and PSG behind in the race to sign one of the most attractive players in world football. In wake of his proposed 22 million move, we bring to you the top 5 things you must know about Memphis Depay.

He overcame a troubled upbringing

Memphis Depay had to go through the unfortunate incident of seeing his parents separate when he was just 4-years-old. Depay had a Ghanaian father and a Dutch mother, who decided to go seperate when Depay was very young.

Growing up, Depay was very close to his grandfather, who died when Depay was just 15. Football has been a major part of his upbringing and the biggest thing to fill the void left by his family.

Depay is a tattoo freak

Memphis Depay is loved all over the internet for his freaky tattoos all over his body. Most fascinating one is on his upper torso where the phrase “Dream Chaser” is written. He also has a tattoo on the inside of his lips.

He has an anger-management issue

Memphis Depay is currently working with a life-coach looking forward to sort out his anger issues. Once, a PSV manager described Depay as “Very Angry” guy.

He loves to keep the ball

Depay averages one shot at goal every 16 minutes in the Eridivise this season. Depay loves to keep ball at his feet and have a go at the opponents which has seen him score 24 goals this season. The right-footed left forward averages 5.4 shots per game this season.

He loves the social media

Memphis Depay is just 21 and understandably he loves twitter and Instagram. Now that he has joined Manchester United, he can expect a huge increase to his already 232k followers on twitter. He often posts motivating tweets about hard word and passion. This will definitely be a hit with now Manchester United fans following him like crazy.

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