Influencer who stalked Chelsea players banned for life from Asda.

Stalker Orla Melissa Sloan, also known as ‘Devil Baby’ who is facing trial for harassing Chelsea duo Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell and their former teammate Billy Gilmour, claimed to have been banned from Asda after stripping off in the aisle. Orla after having slept with Mason Mount, launched a harassment campaign against him and is now facing jail time.

The TikTok celebrity who gained a tonne of money in the past by eating Percy Pigs while naked is again in the news. At Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Orla Sloan entered a plea of guilty to charges of stalking Ben Chilwell, Billy Gilmour, and Mason Mount. All accusations concern the time frame between June and October of the previous year.

‘Devil Baby’ Orla Melissa Sloan has been accused of harassing Chelsea duo Mason Mount and plead guilty of stalking Billy Gilmour causing serious ‘distress’. Credits: Twitter

Sloan staring at jail time for stalking and harassing Chelsea players

Orla Sloan, 21, is accused of repeatedly stalking Chelsea players Mason Mount, his teammate Ben Chilwell, and ex-teammate Billy Glimour in addition to sending them many SMS, WhatsApp messages, and Instagram photos. Gilmour joined Brighton last summer after leaving the Blues in a £9 million deal.

The influencer allegedly received a “lifetime ban” from Asda for her half-naked antics before going on a stalking rampage. Sloan uploaded a video (now deleted) of herself dancing in her knickers in the bakery aisle on her TikTok account. The model donned cat ears, a two-piece with tiger pattern, and had made her nose seem like an animal.

A friend dressed as Joe Exotic from Tiger King joined her in the video. Sloan captioned the video: “Got a lifetime ban from Asda.. was it worth it?”

Sloan now has 81,000 followers on her glamorous Instagram profile, making her a fashion influencer. Before that, she made £50,000 annually selling naked photos of her devouring Percy Pigs on the adult content website Fanvue. When Sloan decided to flog the cheeky images, she resigned her job at M&S. This led to her joining a “Percy Pig fetish group” on the adult website.

Snaps from the now deleted video of the Chelsea player stalker which got her banned for lifetime from Asda. Credits: Twitter

Meanwhile, Sloan was granted bail until her sentencing hearing on June 20. Given that Gilmour’s most serious offence exceeded the threshold for incarceration, she might get a jail term. The court was informed that Mount and Sloan had relations after meeting at a party held at Chilwell’s residence in November 2020, just before the second Covid lockdown.

They maintained contact for almost six months before Mount “decided that the relationship was not going to progress,” according to prosecutor Jason Seetal. She was unable to contact Mount, and he was frightened that she might appear at the Chelsea training facility.

Sloan targeted Brighton’s Gilmour with texts after terrifying the Chelsea midfielder. Additionally, she created a DevilBaby_10 Instagram account, where she posted collages of Chilwell with other women. Throughout her harassing campaign, the stalker posted “completely fictitious” photos with tags for his family and friends.

Gilmour explained to the court how the stalking persisted even after he transferred from Chelsea to Brighton in September 2022 for a fee of £9 million. In order to prevent her from contacting them, Gilmour was also forced to erase all of his friends and relatives from Instagram, and even had to resort to sleeping tablets which “affected” his performance on field.