Drogba charity work Courtesy: TheSun

Didier Drogba is angry and in great disappointment as there were slurs against his charity work. 38 years old Ivory Coast international Drogba, was left “heartbroken and devastated” being slurred by people for putting £3.7m of his own money to help the sick children in Africa.

Drogba, the former Chelsea striker says that his Foundation has always been providing the important things to the needy children, they already provided a mobile clinic, also invested in orphanages, and funded the money to purchase school bags, books, and dialysis machines. He clears the air by denying any wrongdoing and says there is a possibility that the “lies” surrounding his Foundation can even put the health and welfare of the sick and needy children at risk.

The Ivorian said: “It’s the biggest challenge of my life, one of the hardest days of my life but it’s a fight I will win.

“They are targeting me for whatever reason but the sad truth is that these sort of lies will endanger the kids that I’m trying to help.

“My whole point is that I wanted to put my own money in first before anything from donors, sponsorship or anything we raised. That was if I fail, then I will fail, and no-one else. All my money I have put in has been from my personal sponsorship deals.

“The money is still there, it’s not been wasted, it hasn’t gone missing, we’ve actually been very careful to make sure the money goes to the right people, the right places and, above all, helps the children.”


To contribute something to his motherland, Didier Drogba started his foundation back in 2007 and since then it has been growing a lot and has helped many.

Drogba’s foundation set up a UK account which has laid on balls and fundraising events. Drogba insists that those things were mandatory as they wanted to attract top celebrities and collect big funds. The Mirror reports that more than £400,000 was spent on events.

But Drogba says something else, claiming those events have raised nearly £2million.


Here is the full report of Drogba’s speech about his interest in the foundation and the current situation:

“We want to make sure the money goes to the right causes not just now but makes an impact for generations to come,” said Drogba.

“It is my passion to have an impact on my community, help the society I am from and make a difference for the children.

“These sort of wrong and damaging allegations can threaten and destroy lives as well as undo all of our work.

“I set up the charity in the Ivory Coast but when I was playing in England. We decided to do some fundraising there also. But the Foundation has always been and remains one entity.

“The balls and fundraising events are necessary, my teammates and others have been incredibly generous.

“Imagine how they feel when they see this. They know me, they know I am passionate about my charity work. But for sponsors who do not know me, this is incredibly damaging and wrong.

“The hardest and most heartbreak part of all is that it os wrong. When I grew up, I always told my mum that I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives because I could see the poverty from where I came from.

“It was only because of my uncle who took me to Europe that I was able to become successful, play football, but my passion even then was not about money.

“I knew I had an opportunity to be successful, to be famous and recognisable across different Continents. It wasn’t about the fame but it did allow me to raise money, make a difference and that’s always been my goal.

“If it was purely for the fame or the money then I would just carry on playing and score goals. But there are more important things to achieve.

“What drives me is to help children, help their lives, their education and their health. I believe I can make a difference but things like these are designed to try and stop that. That is what hurts the most. It’s not me they are affecting, but the children.”


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