Raymond Verheijen terms Klopp and Conte’s coaching methods outdated
Raymond Verheijen terms Klopp and Conte’s coaching methods outdated

Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen has claimed that both the coaching methods of Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte are simply outdated.

Verheijen, whom we have seen working as a coach at three World Cups with Wales, South Korea, and Russia, is a long-term fan or supporter of former Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink as they have worked together at two of the aforementioned national sides.

Mainly a fitness coach, Verheijen has the experience of working with some of Europe’s top class clubs such as Barcelona, Manchester City and even offered his expertise to Bayern Munich regarding the declining state of fitness of Arjen Robben.

Now turning his focus on some of the new Premier League coaches, Verheijen tried to explain how a three-phase training plan will ultimately prove to be ‘too much too soon’ for the players involved and it may bring negative impact among them.

“In past weeks media reported how intelligent coaches like Conte & Klopp do ‘too much too soon’ with double & triple sessions in pre-season,” Raymond Verheijen said via his Twitter account.

“Coaches destroy players by training too much too soon in pre-season in three phases: 1) fatigue phase, 2) injury phase and 3) injury crisis phase,” he added.

“Most teams have almost finished phase 1 (accumulation of fatigue phase) and will enter phase 2 in which first few players will get injured,’ the Dutchman added.

“In about 2 weeks the first teams will enter the ‘Injury crisis phase’ (phase 3). Look forward to all these coaches blaming external factors.”

“In the meantime, ask yourself a question: why do we no longer fly in planes of 30 yrs ago but do intelligent coaches still train like 30 yrs ago?”

With no one to hold his tongue, Raymond Verheijen has previously blasted both Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger following both of their shortcomings in recent years.


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