Liverpool is hopeful of confirming Jurgen Klopp as their new manager by the end of the week. It’s almost a done deal, but Giovane Elber, a former world-class striker of Bayern is not happy with the news. “Why would Klopp go to England?” Asked the Brazilian in a recent interview. “He belongs to Germany, the Bundesliga needs him. He should recover for a year now, at FC Bayern there is action always. He just needs the strength to resist the pressure for one year and then start as Bayern manager in 2016.”

Earlier former Bayern Munich striker Giovane Elber said that the club would do well to sign Jurgen Klopp to take over as head coach when Pep Guardiola leaves the Allianz Arena.

Expecting the Spaniard to leave at the end of his current contract, which expires in just over 12 months, the ex-Brazil international claimed the former Borussia Dortmund coach would be perfect to take over as the club’s next manager.

“I think that Pep is gone after this season,” Elber said in a recent interview.”If you have Jurgen Klopp available, what more do you want? I think Klopp takes a year off and then comes to us.”

There are many reasons to believe Klopp is the best man to replace Guardiola. He already has a great rapport with Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gotze, whom he helped, develop into superstars at Dortmund. He could also conceivably convince other stars to leave BVB for the Allianz Arena.

Though Klopp is highly rated now, some are a bit sceptical about his tactics. If Guardiola leaves and Klopp comes then tactically Bayern would need to take a time to learn Klopp’s system. And it may not suit the players very well, depending on the age of the squad at the time. One of the biggest problems Klopp faced at Dortmund was that his ultra-aggressive pressing game was not sustainable in the long term, not for a club that can regularly expect to play as many games as Bayern do in the average season.

Toward the end of his tenure in Dortmund, his side often looked tactically clueless and devoid of finesse. A break from coaching may be what he needs to modify his philosophy on coaching, but it’s uncertain as to whether he’ll be able to bounce back and coach an ambitious team at the highest level in the long term. Liverpool will be hoping for the best.






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