An EPL club to receive a whopping 200 million Pound investment

Puja Pincha / 23 December 2015

The 10-year wait for foreign investment is finally over at Goodison Park as former owners of San Diego Padres team are interested in investing over 200 million pounds in the Premier League club.

This Christmas is surely turning out to be Merry for Everton as many foreign investors have shown interest in the Merseyside club. Among the flurry of investors who the Everton management has been in talks with, entrepreneurs John Jay Moores and Charles Noell are the frontrunners in gaining high stakes in the club. This news comes after Bill Kenwright announced that he was willing to sell his stakes with the aim to attract foreign investors to propel the chances of his club in the Premier League.

This is like the light at the end of the tunnel, as finally the club is acting on its promises made to the fans. This has come as a much-needed boon given Everton’s stadium plans as well as keeping good players on their tab for a longer period. Though the deal hasn’t been finalised, the enthusiasm in the Everton camps indicates that things are looking bright for the club.

Moores and Noell were initially interested in investing in Swansea City, but talks failed and Swansea’s loss has now become Everton’s gain. Kenwright has always looked for investors who understand and share the spirit of the club and the background of the former Padres owners bodes well for both the parties. If the deal comes through, it would surely give bragging rights to the Americans but would also mean that Kenwright has a honorary role in the working of the club. The whopping TV deal which is to come into effect next summer has made Premier League a green patch for investors, especially in the United States.

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