Dani Alves
Dani Alves

According to reports, Dani Alves has gone on ‘hunger strike’ in jail after his wife left him following allegations that he raped a woman in a nightclub. The 39-year-old former Brazil and Barcelona footballer was arrested on January 20 after allegations that he assaulted the woman at the end of last year. His wife, Joana Sanz, paid a visit to Alves in jail in February, amid reports that the model had requested a divorce.

According to Spanish television station Cuatro, Dani Alves has now gone on hunger strike in the prison where he is being held. Sources further claim that Alves is ‘completely devastated and very nervous’ after Joana, 29, told him she wanted to end their marriage, and there are days when he doesn’t eat at all.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves is reportedly on a ‘hunger strike’ in the prison he is held in after his wife Joana Sanz decided to part ways with him. Credits: Twitter

Dani Alves on hunger striker following wife’s divorce decision

The latest Dani Alves drama comes after his wife, Joana, deleted most of her Instagram photos with the footballer after he reportedly claimed he had consensual sex with his accuser after initially denying knowing her. The Tenerife-born beauty, who married the former Juventus defender in 2017, has yet to respond to the shocking report.

Dani Alves was sacked by his current club Mexican club UNAM Pumas after he was remanded in custody by a judge in Barcelona. The 23-year-old woman claimed Alves assaulted her on December 30 at the city’s swanky Sutton venue, prompting his arrest on January 20.

A judge ruled that Alves should be held in custody, and he has been in cells at a jail outside of town ever since. Alves, who played for Barcelona twice before joining UNAM Pumas in Mexico last year, claimed that he had never met his female accuser before his arrest. However, during a court appearance, the footballer allegedly admitted to the magistrate that he had consensual sex with the woman.

Meanwhile, Joana said she had lost ‘two pillars in my life’ after the footballer’s arrest through an Instagram post. She also penned a letter about her separation with Alves, with Miquel Valls of Cuatro revealing the latest details after speaking exclusively with Joana Sanz’s closest entourage at the ‘Four a Day’ discussion table after reviewing the model’s letter. Valls said:

Dani Alves
Dani Alves and Joana have been married since 2017, but the model has now filed for divorce following the ex-Barca star’s rape charges. Credits: Twitter

“They confirm to us that last Sunday she (Joana) voluntarily went to the prison where Dani Alves is being held, always accompanied by the footballer’s best friend, and informed him of this decision. They were talking for two and a half hours and he made her understand what was best for her personal and professional future. She told him that she could not go on alone and with him in jail, some contracts did not come to fruition ”

After agreeing to be questioned about the allegations, Alves had flew into Barcelona. It was previously revealed that the woman claimed that the footballer had slapped and raped her in the nightclub bathroom. She is also reported to have seen the footballer’s intimate tattoo while he was partially undressed. The woman, who was crying, is said to have immediately told her friends what had happened, and bouncers then notified police.

UNAM Pumas terminated Dani Alves’ contract after he was arrested, and they are now reportedly suing him for £4 million in damages for breach of contract. Alves is the most decorated player in football history with 43 career trophies including three Champions League titles, two Copa Americas and an Olympic gold medal. Last week he reportedly made his debut for a prison football team.