EXCLUSIVE: Arsene Wenger blasts Paul Scholes over Ozil’s criticism

shashi / 06 March 2015

Ahead of their FA cup Quarter Final, things are heating up between Arsenal and Manchester United. Arsene Wenger has blasted former Manchester United player Paul Scholes over the criticism Scholes had for Mesut Ozil.

Writing for his column for the Independent, Scholes claimed that Ozil picked the easier option by joining Arsenal. Scholes questioned Ozil’s commitment on the pitch and also claimed that he had the luxury if winning titles at Real Madrid but he won’t have the same in the Premier League.

Scholes statement were directed towards Arsenal lacking a leader on the pitch and that is growing in their lack of fight for the Premier League and Champions League trophy year-after-year.

Scholes said: “I think Mesut Ozil took the easy option joining Arsenal.

‘Since he has been there you cannot doubt his quality but at times he looks like he is going through the motions, however much ground he covers. He needs a leader around him to get him going.

“At Real Madrid he had a chance of winning league titles. At Arsenal that is not on the cards.”

Arsenal manager responded to Scholes’ criticisms by claiming that Scholes would have loved to play alongside a player like Mesut Ozil. Wenger hinted that had Scholes been training day-in-day-out with Ozil, he would have been aware of the effort he puts in before and during a game.

Wenger said: “A player like Paul Scholes would have loved to play with Ozil,”

‘I believe he has the quality, he puts a lot of effort in to help the team and he works much harder than his style shows.

‘You can be cheated a little bit by his style of play, because he is fluent, easy, subtle and he does not look like he puts the effort in, but he does.

‘I knew he had a good physical potential, but did not know how good he was physically.

‘He has a huge physical potential.’

I really think Wenger is right in defending his club’s record signing especially when since returning from injury Ozil has looked a better player than before and is getting more involved in Arsenal’s play. Perhaps the timing of Scholes’ criticism towards Ozil is odd given how Ozil is doing well on the pitch.


Quotes Credits: dailymail

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