BBC Radio initiated a story that Cesc Fabregas is leading a mutiny against Jose Mourinho and he was accused by a section of British press of being a ‘’rat’’ to leak Chelsea inside news.

In an interview with Spanish radio station ‘’Cope’’, Cesc Fabregas has denied all these.

Fabregas has said:

‘’ No. Mourinho trusts us and we trust him. Obviously it is a lie [that Fabregas led a mutiny against Mourinho]. I backed him in a very difficult time.

My relationship with Mourinho is good, as always, but when things aren’t going well people are always looking for something.

Those of us who have been most criticised are Hazard, Diego Costa and myself, but you get used to it.

We’re not doing well in the league at the moment. Last year we lost four games all season and this season we have lost seven already.

But Mourinho is a winner, when he loses he goes home p****d off like I do. The results at Chelsea aren’t what we would want and don’t reflect the level of our play.

I feel good in myself, but when the results aren’t coming everything is negative and everything looks bad.’’


To Cadena Cope,Fabregas told, ””The level of play at does not correspond with the results, but I’m certain that we will improve.”

He denied being the ”rat”, he said in his defence : “I don’t know where the dressing room story came from. They said I was leaking information from the dressing room”.

His best revelation was, when question about whether Mourinho will be sacked or not, he told Cadena Cope that “I don’t think Mourinho will be sacked. The manager trusts us and we trust him. We all have to work together.” 

His ex-Barcelona teammate Pique has come out on his support. Pique has said:

‘’ “I know Cesc well and there’s absolutely no chance of that’’.

‘’We already know the British media likes to speculate, but I know what Cesc is like and it is impossible he is acting this way.”


Fabregas has also opened up about his thoughts on Pep Guardiola managing in England.

He said: ‘’ “Oh I have absolutely no doubt that Pep will test himself in the Premier League,” Fabregas told Spanish radio station Onda Cero last night.’’

Cesc Fabregas has backed his manager Jose Mourinho, had good things to say about him.


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