FIFA President Gianni Infantino may face suspension
Fifa president Gianni Infantino may face suspension

Reports are claiming that FIFA president Gianni Infantino allegedly ordered to delete a council meeting recording and could face suspension for this act.

According to Die Welt, a German newspaper, Infantino could face a suspension of 90 days.

The Fifa Council meeting was organized in May, in Mexico City claim media sources.

It hasn’t been much long since Infantino replaced the corruption charged Sepp Blatter to become the new FIFA president, and already in a controversy of ordering the destruction of a council meeting recording via a letter dated May 23rd.

The German newspaper is claiming that the meeting was a “conspiracy” to get rid of Domenico Scala.

Infantino “personally masterminded” a campaign to get rid of Domenico Scala, claims Die Welt.

Die Welt also noticed some suspicious activities, like gifts from Adidas and purchase of a tailcoat, worth £700.

They quote one insider as saying: “There are so many suspicions against the president, you cannot see the wood for the trees.”

Looks like Infantino’s alleged acts will now be investigated by the Ethics Committee of FIFA.

Infantino was a FIFA secretary general and in February, he was made the president of FIFA. FA chairman Greg Dyke called him a “straightforward guy” before leaving the community, but is he really a “straightforward guy”?

A Fifa statement, released last night read: “In accordance with standard practice, all official Fifa meetings – including council meetings – are recorded and archived.

“This was the case for the meeting in Mexico City in question.

“The email exchange that makes mention of the deletion of audio files refers to a copy of the original audio file of the meeting that was improperly stored on a local drive.

“This mention does not refer to the officially archived audio file. That file exists and is properly saved at Fifa.”


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