PSG and Brazil defender David Luiz has revealed that he will remain a virgin until the day of his marriage.

Former Chelsea star opened up on his thoughts on sex-before-marriage by posting the picture on Instagram of his recent Baptism. It was conducted in his team mate Maxwell’s swimming pool.

Alongside the picture of his Baptism ceremony, Luiz has written,  “I have chosen to wait”.

With this claim, Luiz has taken a vow to remain abstinent until he marries his long-time girlfriend Sara Madeira.

Watch Luis take his oath of Baptism

Luiz continued to thank Lord for his kindness and love. Luiz said: “How wonderful to live with you Lord, thank You for loving me so much and take care of me!

“My life is yours, and I am your servant! What ‘re always in the center of all my decisions! I love my God! amen”

David Luiz is not the first professional footballer to take such a vow. His Brazil teammate Kaka took similar oath and decided to stay as a virgin until his marriage at the age of 23.

Image Credits: Instagram

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