In a bizarre emotional outburst during a match, USA captain and former Tottenham Hotspurs star Clint Dempsey snatched away the match-referee’s handbook and tossed it down. A yellow card popped out of the notebook as it hit the ground. Dempsey went berserk at the sight of the card, and ripped it into pieces, he was shown the colour red as he fumed, literally. This did not discourage the striker, as he clapped to the linesman while walking out of the ground. Dempsey’s team, Seattle Sounders, finished the game with only 7 men as they lost the game 3-1 to Portland Timbers.

Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers, were playing in the 4th round of the US Cup. Their fixture has always remained a hotly contested affair because of their fierce rivalry, and this match did not prove any different. Seattle were trailing 0-1, as their defender Brad Evans was sent off in the 69th minute. Former Newcastle United forward Obafemi Martins equalised for Seattle 10 minutes later, forcing the match into extra time, as it was a knock-out fixture.

Misfortune hit Seattle hard, as Martins was injured during extra-time and had to be taken off. As Seattle had used all their substitutions, they resumed play with only 9 men. Portland went up 2-1 in 1st half of extra time, while Seattle lost Michael Azira to a red card in the final half. Clint Dempsey lost his cool at his team’s misfortune, and let out his anger at the referee. He snatched away and tossed the referee’s notebook, and then tore down the yellow card, but he was only booked for this action. Dempsey was shown a further yellow card for walking away from the referee. Despite his outburst, which was recorded on video and is currently going viral, Seattle fans applauded their hero as he walked off the ground while sarcastically clapping to the linesman. Last year, he entered history books as he scored against Ghana 29 seconds in to a game, in their 2014 World Cup opening fixture. He is currently the fifth fastest person to score a goal in any World Cup match.


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