Frank Lampard Says Premier League Should Only Return When It Is Safe For Players
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard Credits: Twitter

Frank Lampard Says Premier League Should Only Return When It Is Safe For Players

Chelsea’s manager-in-charge, Frank Lampard has stressed that football in England must only return when the league can assure complete safety of players. It is notable that Premier League is aspiring a June 12 return after being suspended for almost two months due to the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the same, all the Premier League clubs resumed distant training from May 18 this week. However, some players have also refused to train as they feel it is not safe for them amid the COVID-19 crisis to head to the training grounds. One of them is Chelsea’s midfield maestro, N’Golo Kante.

N'Golo Kante
N’Golo Kante Credits: Getty Images

With one of his ace performers refusing to train, Frank Lampard has also stressed upon the fact that players’ safety should be the utmost concern for the management at this point of time.

Frank Lampard Opens Up On Resumption Of Premier League

Speaking to Football Focus on the BBC, Frank Lampard said, “All of us here we want to do it, it’s our job, we are very fortunate to have this job, to play football, and we want to finish it.”

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard (Credits: Twitter)

“The feeling that you might be involved in a relegation battle or towards the top of the league, I think that is probably… we all felt that when we finished, we were so into it. But we have seen much more important things in the country and the world than football happen and I think that has been a bit of a reset for all of us,” Lampard added.

Safety Has To Come First: Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard took charge of training this week as his squad were allowed in groups of five while still social distancing.

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