Gary Neville – Chelsea players should SLAP themselves

Ritabrata Banerjee / 31 August 2015

Former Manchester United defender and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has attacked Chelsea players after their shock defeat against Premier League minnows Crystal Palace on Saturday, 29th August. Neville suggested the Blues contingent should ‘slap themselves around’ for such a dismal show.

Gary Neville analysed the defending champions’ match critically and blamed the players for the poor start to the season.

In his column for Sky Sports, Neville said: “Incredible credit to Crystal Palace, but the focus will be on Chelsea.

“We refused to believe on Monday Night Football a couple of weeks ago that there were big problems, that it was just a bad start to the season.

“But I have to say that, listening to Jose Mourinho after the game saying how concerned he was, I’d be concerned now.

“The players need to give themselves a slap around the face.

“I don’t know what it is at this moment in time, but I think the international break has come at a good time for Chelsea. It’ll allow them all just to get away and reassess what’s going on.”

Neville suggested that it was ridiculous to see how players looked exhausted at the very beginning of the season. He suggested the players need to push themselves hard to recover the team from this situation.

The United legend: “They look absolutely knackered – they look absolutely shot to pieces.

“We talked about Manchester City last season when they were champions, not being able to get themselves back up for it again.

“That’s inexcusable to me – the idea that your desire wilts and waves. It cannot happen.

“You have your summer off, you come back and you go again. You have to put in the same amount of effort. What makes you think that, just because you’ve won the championship, you can relax and do things differently?

“They’re doing things differently, they’re not behaving well as players with respect to their performances.

“It’s a great achievement by Alan Pardew – it’s no mean feat doing what he’s just done. But Jose Mourinho needs to sort them out.”

Chelsea have managed to acquire just 4 points from the first four games losing 6 points against Manchester City and Crystal Palace. They also drew the season opener against Swansea City.

This is possibly the worst possible start of Chelsea in the last decade as they do not feature in the top half of the table after 4 matches.

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