After showcasing a terrific teamwork against Sunderland in their first match after the sacking of the Special One, Chelsea are pitted up against 7th placed Watford in this week’s Premier League clash.

With the Watford match being his first with Chelsea, Guus Hiddink spoke to journalists for the first time as Chelsea’s interim manager. To start off the proceedings, the former Dutch player praised the team for the win against Sunderland. Saying that the problems that ail the team won’t be solved in a day, Guus added “We cannot ignore what has happened in the past, but I have asked the players to give their best and look forward now.”

Talking about their chances in the League, Hiddink stressed the importance of desire in his players and said that “I make judgements (on players) based on what I see rather than what others say or have said.” The Dutchman also truthfully admitted that change will take time and it would be rather extreme to promise that they will earn 3 points from all their games. However Hiddink also added that “It is mathematically possible to get the team into the top four, but the strength of the league will make it difficult”

Talking about his predecessor, Hiddink said that he has immense respect for Mourinho achievements and said that the reaction of the fans in the game against Sunderland was totally justified as they have a right to express themselves, but he sure hopes that they would come around and support the team soon.

Giving the media particulars about the clash that is to take place on Saturday, Hiddink said that biggest team news wat that Hazard was back in training but didn’t train the entire session. Talking about Watford, the current boss said that he respects his opponents and rightly so given their current campaign. “I have a lot of respect for Watford. They are very disciplined, they have two very dangerous strikers,” Dutchman further added.

Finally giving his thoughts on how does it feel to be back on the pitch, Hiddink chimed “I get a thrill in my stomach when I go on to the pitch to work with the players”.

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