Halloween special: Halloween XI of footballers, SCARY LINEUP

Agnibha Ghosh / 31 October 2015

Guys, it’s Halloween, it’s the time people love to be scared,love to crap their pants.This horror fest,am trying to put a Halloween footballers playing 11, with slightly twisted Halloween special names.The article is written jovially,don’t take the puns seriously.

The formation is 4-2-3-1


Gerard Ghoullier: He was an outstanding manager, with his surname being the most appropriate for Halloween football manager.


Fatau Dauda: very few looks as scary as this South African goalkeeper, as evident from the picture given.

Right back:

Gary Neville: wonderful player, Manchester United legend with ghostly eyes.

Centre back:

Martin Scare-tel:

The Slovakian looks very scary, doesn’t even need photoshop to look scary.

Centre back:

John Terry-fied:

His eye for girls is known to everybody, great defender with a Halloween surname.

Left back:

Satan Baines:

His name is similar sounding to satan.


Jack Wheelchair:

Injury-prone Gunner Jack Wilshere or ‘wheelchair’ ,looks like the psycho patients in holly horror flicks on wheelchair, when on injury rehab.


Charlie Adam family:

Long live Hollywood horror movies, the curse of ‘Adam family’ is very famous across the globe.

Left Winger:

Frank Ribery: He looks very very scary indeed.Probably the most talented scariest looking footballer.

Attacking midfielder:

Wayne Boo-ney:

Looks old, very much similarity with face of ‘shrek’.

Right wing:

Robin Vampire-sie:

His vampire-esque surname can’t be ignored.


Luis Suarez:

Well, this choice was obvious.With his vampire like teeth and biting scandals,one can’t forget Count Dracula.

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