Manchester United gave a tough fight to Chelsea as the squad displayed good attacking football. However, the poor finishing cost them the game as the home team settled for a draw. After this result, all eyes were back on LvG’s sacking scenario again. Former Arsenal player Thierry Henry feels that there were encouraging signs for United against Chelsea but doesn’t think the pressure on manager Louis van Gaal has eased. Thierry Henry says the fans and board could soon turn on Louis van Gaal after Manchester United went an eighth game without a win.

Henry said: “It’s another game without winning, that’s eight now, and another 0-0 draw at Old Trafford. 

“I don’t think I would have ever said that in my lifetime. But there was something about them on Monday that maybe sparked something, a new beginning maybe.

“But how much was that down to Chelsea not playing well? They allowed United to be on the ball, there wasn’t much pressure, they didn’t have a striker, with [Eden] Hazard playing as a false No 9.’’

‘’Van Gaal said that he has the board with him. I think they better start to win football games because he will have to deal with a tricky situation, and at one time the board may find themselves dealing with the same situation the Chelsea board had not that long ago.”

‘’It is vital, especially when you play at home, you want that type of support,” said Henry. “But the way they played against Stoke away from home was just not United, not the United I know. No passion, no desire, they got out-muscled and outplayed at times. ‘’

‘’I saw a United side against Chelsea where they had the desire, commitment, but it goes without saying that if your fans are behind you at your place it does help. But how long are they going to be supportive?

“In all fairness, since the David Moyes time, the Manchester United fans have been more than patient.” 

Does he know his squad? Does he know who he wants to play? At times they are a bit too rigid, too predictable, it’s not the Manchester United I know,” Henry added.

“They were looking for goals and pace, and they got that in Anthony Martial. He scored goals, and then suddenly he’s on the left, another day on the right. 

“Ashley Young one day is a left winger, then right back, then left back. [Marcos] Rojo starts, then suddenly he doesn’t start for a month, and then he comes back.

“Daley Blind is the guy, and then suddenly he’s not the guy anymore. I think he doesn’t know his team, he doesn’t trust guys yet.”

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