Hiddink blames Flop Chelsea stars for Mourinho sacking

Sankha Ghosh / 24 December 2015

Guus Hiddink has made it clear; it’s time for Chelsea flops to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

The Dutch manager even warned he will dump anyone who hasn’t got the “desire” to turn around the club’s frustrating campaign following Jose Mourinho’s exit.

The 69-year-old veteran tactician, in his second stint as interim boss at Stamford Bridge, clarified: “I want everyone to look in the mirror, not just for two seconds, but longer. And see what anyone can contribute from now on to raise us up.

“We cannot ignore what has happened in the recent past, but I asked them and told them to look in the mirror and be hypercritical and give the best for the team. They have to look forward.

“There must be a great desire to play, yes? If you don’t have that desire, please knock on my door and we’ll talk. We’ll talk briefly.” A clear warning for the players, that’s for sure.

Reports are saying he is ready to offload Diego Kosta for a swap deal with Atletico Madrid to bring in Diego Simione’s star performer Jackson Martinez who is also linked with Arsenal.

Hiddink who joked he was “p….d off” after cancelling his family Christmas holiday to India, denied the rumours that he had a breakfast meeting with Jose Mourinho before replacing him last week.

But the Dutch did express his sympathy for Mourinho as he assured he can “fix” the problems Chelsea going through while hoping to earn himself another big watch.

The Chelsea players gifted Hiddink an expensive time-piece for guiding them to the FA Cup in 2009 and is hoping to finish this campaign on another high.

“I never wear a watch, but it has a very prominent place in my house in Amsterdam,” said Hiddink “I have it. I’d like another one for my right wrist.

“I didn’t meet him (Mourinho). There was no contact. If you look at his record over the years, it’s an amazing record at various clubs. The titles he won, many titles. Lots of respect for that.

“If you look back to the last season, where there was this huge success winning the title, then you go into the next season with targets and they’re the same.

“Mathematically yes, it’s possible (to make the top four). If you can add. It’s possible. But this league is a very strong league.”


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