Satire: How Superheros deal with Football Atheists

Editor Sportzwiki / 24 November 2014

The world has many problems – poverty, hunger, violence and Ebola. But one problem towers above all the others, and rears its ugly head every day: some people just don’t get football, or understand why it’s the greatest thing ever.

And, like all other bad things, we need some good old-fashioned heroes to answer football atheists when they make statements like these:

“This is just a repeat of the game, right? I can watch Bigg Boss, can’t I? It’s live, so it has to be better!”




“You guys have an offside rule, right? But why not a legside rule? We got that in cricket ages ago.”




“Yeah, I have three Man Utd t-shirts. I bought them because I really liked the red colour.”




“Oh, so you play football? It’s like that FIFA game, right?”




“Why is it called the World Cup finals when there are 32 teams? In sports I watch, it’s 2 teams. Just saying.”




“You’re a football fan, right? You’ll love this joke. What are football teams made in China called? Fake Madrid! Hahahahha.”




“Messi and Ronaldo are only humans”




“I like cricket better.”





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