Chelsea to sign the wold class striker in January, also line up a replacement for Mourinho

Tapan Jindal / 08 December 2015

Mourinho has been frustrated enough with his current strike force to actually start a few matches with no recognised striker in the first eleven. Injuries to Remy and Falcao along with suspensions dished out to Diego have not helped any matters and a spectacular loss of form of the Spanish international has been compounded by his petulance and reluctance to actually implement any remedial actions suggested by his manager. Mourinho needs a “Drogba figure” back in the dressing room. Someone who is not only a quality player and demands a huge share of respect in the dressing room, but also is a proven Mourinho warrior and is going to be entrusted as a lieutenant on the pitch.

Someone who fits this profile is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The PSG striker is expected to move on from PSG at the end of the season or even sooner with Edinson Cavani readily waiting in the wings to grab his chance as he departs. But this is Zlatan we are talking about. Ego defines him and the fact that he would be a disciplinary liability should be a given. Also, he definitely won’t be cheap. 215,000 pounds a week is the mooted figure.

In perspective, Hazard, the top earner at Chelsea earns 200,000 sterling a week. All of this while bearing in mind that Ibra is on the wrong side of 30 and suddenly it seems a very farfetched proposition. It will be a quality signing but will definitely have a lot of baggage for Chelsea board to sift over before making a solid decision.

Another rumour regarding Chelsea is a managerial shake up which would involve Antonio Conte to take charge at the Bridge. It has been suggested that the Italian manager has been approached by the so far patient Abramovic regarding the managerial position at Chelsea following the extremely disappointing loss to Bournemouth over the weekend. It remains to be seen if it actually is a real approach or something churned up by the press because of the restraint which has been practised by the owner until now. 

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