With a week gone of the new Indian Super League, there has been a lot of action. Most of the Indian supporters are not used to watching football on a regular basis, especially when the glamour quotient has been brought into the game. Atletico de Kolkata doing so well, players flopping out and stars making a hash of the “charity challenge”, it’s time to look back at the hits and misses from the first week.


Atletico de Kolkata

You really can’t have any criticism of the team. They play the best brand of football, alright it has been only 2 games but they haven’t conceded and seem a well drilled unit. The foreign players are doing really well, the Indian players don’t all look completely clueless and they have huge crowd support. Fatafati football it is!

The crowd

Large crowds weren’t really expected, the country only really sees big crowds when the big city derbies take place but it has been refreshing to see large crowds turn up for every game. Even though the games are held on weekdays and at a time when most people are still working, it is a great sight to see huge crowds supporting their teams. How long will this go on? That is the question on all our lips.

The star quotient

Bollywood power is in full flow for the ISL. John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Illeana D’Cruz, Kajal Agarwal, Sachin Tendulkar and a host of other stars have all come out in support of their team. The star power backing the teams has also played a part in people following and supporting the league


The opening ceremony

The fireworks, percussionists and formations on the pitch were brilliant but Priyanka Chopra was awful as the emcee. Her lame jokes and halfhearted performance really didn’t set any set on fire. Less off shoving celebrities when we don’t need it, more about the football!

The tackling

There have been some really pathetic tackles in the opening fixtures of the ISL. It is surprising that more players have not been sent off. Had this been any other league (European) we would have seen at least 3-4 red cards per game. The level of tackling is so bad here that most foreign players must be thinking of not going anywhere close to the Indian defenders for fear of injury.

The Marquee players

With the likes of Del Piero, Pires, Trezeguet, Luis Garcia, Anelka and Ljungberg, attacking football should have been at the forefront. Unfortunately, apart from Garcia, no other marquee player has done well. Anelka and Ljungberg can be given a pass since they have not played but many foreign players also look haggard and not up to pace, that is diminishing the spectacle of the league.

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