An Italian referee has been suspended in Italy in premier division after he abandoned a game with a score of 31-0 because it was too one-sided.

 The Sports authority of the Bologna section of the Italian Referees Association (AIA) took a strict decision against the Referee.

The game between two under-14 sides was brought to a premature conclusion after less than an hour by the 20-year-old referee once the 31st goal was scored for guests Persiceto 85, without any reply from the hosts Ponte Ronca.

The Bologna section of the Italian Referees’ Association (AIA) has not taken kindly to his actions, however, saying he has breached the rules and must, therefore, be suspended.

After the match, the was suspended. The AIA representative, in  Il Resto del Carlino, Antonio Aureliano said:

“We understand his decision, but the rules must be followed,”

“This suspension is not a punishment, but it is intended as a stimulus for him to do better in future.

“It’s a break for reflection which will be useful for him to grow.”

The referee is reported to have consulted with the two teams before taking his decision with their consent.

The home team are going to have to face further humiliation, however, since the AIA has also decreed that the match must be replayed to its conclusion – and cancelled the 31-0 scoreline

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