Arsenal star involved in controversy as Cops enter his house for investigation
Arsenal star involved in controversy as Cops enter his house for investigation

England and Arsenal ace’s recent clash with Alun Cathcart, 71 has covered the news in England, as police come to investigate the scene. 24-year-old Wilshere is claimed to have spat at and threatened his 71-year-old neighbour, who had launched a complaint regarding Jack’s 18 feet net that Jack had put up in his backyard to stop footballs from getting lost from his garden.

Mr Cathcart is the ex-chairman of Avis Europe. He also claims that he has been a subject of further “intimidation” from Jack’s girlfriend’s father Adrian Michael. 28 England caps holder is still being investigated over a brawl outside a London nightclub last month. He was also cautioned for spitting at taxi driver a few years back because the driver wore a badge of Arsenal’s London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs.

Mr. Cathcart has claimed to have pulled up at his £3.5million mansion in his white convertible £80,000 Jaguar XS before Jack Wilshere slowly drives past in his £90,000 gold Range Rover, headed towards Cathcart’s mansion next door. The businessman has accused the Arsenal midfielder of lowering his driver’s window, loudly grunting, and then spitting in his direction.

He said: “It wasn’t spittled but a proper thing, front and the back of the nose and throat. “The car was playing very heavy music — as he was getting out of the car rap music was being played at full belt.” The cops visited Mr Cathcart following his call and the businessman filed a public order offence. Later Mr.Cathcart’s CCTV footage showed how Wilshere drove past his gated home wearing a baseball cap with grey top and shorts and waited at Cathcart’s place to have a conversation.

Mr Cathcart said: “He just said to me, ‘a word please’. “He said, ‘What about these lies, what is this all about?’ “Then he can’t help himself, his temper gets the better of him. “His parting shot was, ‘You do not want to mess with me’.” Then a bearded man claiming to be Wilshere’s “personal security agent” emerged at the gate of his property.

The Sun understands he was the hairdresser father of Wilshere’s girlfriend Andriani, 24. Mr Cathcart said: “He was quite intimidating, shouting.” He claimed Andriana also got involved “yapping over the fence and ranting a bit”.

On the same night, the police were called again by the married neighbour as they were feared and not feeling safe. At about 11pm an officer visited him at his house and Mr Cathcart wanted to press charges against the Arsenal and England star.

He said: “They just don’t think that normal rules apply to them because they’ve got a bit of money. “He’s not the brightest star in the Milky Way. “How can you negotiate with people who are stupid?” Last night Wilshere’s agent told The Sun: “This is a private matter but Jack totally denies this incident happened.”

Police from Hertfordshire Department said that they had spoken to the complainant but no further action would be taken unless he carried out his threat to press charges and seek a restraining order.


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