Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have criticzed Liverpool and Belgium goalkeeper Simon Mignolet after a string of poor performances. 

Former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes Liverpool will soon look for a new goalkeeper if Simon Mignolet doesn’t improve and they might also sign Victor Valdes who is a free agent. Liverpool signed Simon Mignolet from Sunderland for £9million in 2013, but after few top notch performances he has failed to impress the Liverpool fans. According to Carragher, Mignolet has not made any “defining” saves in his Liverpool career and errors his may have costed the club the league title last season. Carragher criticized Mignolet for not saving Alvaro Negredo’s goal against Manchester City last season and he feels Mignolet should have done better to save Demba Ba’s goal at Anfield against Chelsea.

Carragher told Monday Night Football: “I think the best goalkeepers who win big trophies make big saves at big moments. That was a big moment. It’s not a massive mistake, but can he do better?

“Everyone always talks about Steven Gerrard slipping and costing Liverpool the league and you can never look at one individual and one mistake, but Demba Ba still had to go through. You’re looking at your keeper and thinking: ‘Come on, win us the league. Make that save that’s going to be a defining moment in the season.’

“Against Manchester City Liverpool lost 2-1 and if he’d made the save from Negredo then that’s two points off City and another one for Liverpool.

“I think of Joe Hart. After the Chelsea game, Man City had a tough game at Everton and they won 3-2. Joe Hart had to make a save from Naismith, flicking his left hand out and that wins them the league.

“We can all talk about goalscorers, players who win the league and make a big difference, but goalkeepers make a massive difference and at those big moments you’ve got to make big saves.

“Up until now in his Liverpool career he hasn’t made those big saves. If it continues I can see Liverpool looking for another goalkeeper.

“There was talk of Victor Valdes because he is a free agent, but he has got to improve.”

Former Manchester United legend Gary Neville feels Mignolet should have saved Jagielka’s Merseyside derby goal and also pointed out the low stance Mignolet had adopted before the shot was taken. Neville also provided an in-depth analysis by comparing Simon Mignolet’s stance with Manuel Neuer.

“I’d seen it last season and didn’t mention it then and then I saw it on Saturday on thought that it’s a pattern,” Neville added.

“It’s a technical error for me, the way in which he is crouched down, and that’s the reason I mention it.

“It’s three goals in big games. There might be more, but those are the three that I remember, particularly on Saturday because it was such a big moment in the game.”

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